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1) 50 Fitness Challenge Ideas – for PTs and Clubs.
Tons of ideas on how and why to set up fitness challenges.  Includes how to come up with 50 challenges,  match them to your brand and beliefs, when to roll them out, finding sponsors, prizes, the best marketing and pricing strategies, judging, awards and everything else you need to run your own challenges so they are successful for your clients, your affiliates and you.

2) 33 Tips to Running Workshops – for PTs, Group Fitties & Clubs.
Whether you want to run workshops or seminars for your existing clients, new clients, local organisations, other trainers, other health and professional affiliates, this jam packed little resource will help you gain confidence around topics to talk about, when to run them, how to attract guest presenters, what to charge and generally make them work as an awesome way in which to help your clients and grow your business.

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