‘what would you LIKE TO TELL other PTs about
THE 20 week ChALLENGE?

As a new trainer, getting involved in the 20 Week Challenge has really allowed me to build my business and gain some great results and testimonials from entrants. From a standing start I am now getting close to fully booked, and a lot of that is due to the guidance and structure of 20 Weeks spreading through the rest of my business.

Tracey Butler: 2010 Winner of the HQH Fitness Award for Best Up and Coming Trainer.

” This is a great initiative for trainers…they’ve got nothing to lose by being involved…every trainer should be doing this.”

Jean Scott – New Zealand Fitness Industry Award Winner, over 20 years in the industry with 10 20 Week Challenges behind her.

The 20 Week Challenge team keeps a strong focus on professional accountability and is especially useful PTs like me who work in private/small team settings where isolation can be an issue. I have found the communication, support and educational resources available through 20 weeks to both myself and clients to be enjoyable, inspiring,relevant, informative,helpful and professional…which at the end of the day is good practice and I feel it makes our business as PTs look and behave professionally and stops isolation. 

Di Lauder-2010 Winner Catch Fitness Best PT Award,  Finalist in the Fitness New Zealand People’s Choice Award 2012 and 20 Week Challenge guest judge.

Being part of the 20 Week Challenge as a trainer has been great for my business and personal development. A lady contacted me through the website looking for a trainer for the 20 week challenge. She has now achieved her goal for this challenge and is signing up again and two of her friends are going to do it with her.

Another couple also contacted me through the website and will be doing the next challenge. This has been a truly valuable form of advertising so thanks Catch Fitness team I am very grateful for the service you provide us trainers.

Lisa Lilley PT and winner of the 2005 NZ Kyokushin Womens Full Contact Open Karate Grand Championship Title 

It’s been a great way to reward my clients for doing a great job and it has bought me new clients! I started with just 1 entrant in the first competition and went on to have 11  in my 2nd comp and I’ve now done a 3rd.

Tarsh Guy – Fitness Life Award Winning Personal Trainer (Up and Coming, South Island) seen here with her entrants in Series 3.  Tarsh has also won the Catch Fitness Best Personal Trainer  Series 3.

Awesome comp, very well run and newsletters very well written. Your support of PT’s is fantastic’ 

Rachel Marks –  2010, 2011, 2015 Industry Awards Finalist.

It has been great for my clients and my business.

Amanda Armitage, went from having just one client in her first Challenge to having 11 clients in her second.  She has now done five Challenges.

20 weeks is a realistic time frame – the reality of life. As a trainer it gives me time to support clients in looking at their often life time of habits and beliefs and how to change them.”

Carol Hides, 2007 Winner of the Fitness Life Award, South Island, Up and Coming Personal Trainer, winner of the Catch Fitness Best Trainer Award in Series 4.

 “I was a new trainer and I found out about the competition a week before it started and decided to give it a go. I emailed people that were not my clients with the promotional poster from the Catch Fitness site. (Anyone can do this – so there was no risk) and within one day I had seven new people sign up with me as their personal trainer! Within a week I had three more, plus four others that they did not sign up to this competition but still signed up to personal training with me.

All these people phoned me. I didn’t have to chase anyone. I got fourteen new clients from just one email” Dwayne Thomas, three time winner of the Catch Fitness Best Trainer Award.

 ..also a great challenge for trainers… expanding on their knowledge, being creative, while gaining experience , seeing the clients results,all with support from Catch Fitness throughout!”

Michaela Knusden, Finalist in the Fitness Life Awards and Finalist New Zealand Fitness Industry Awards.

 This was a great away to increase the support that we could offer to our personal trainers in terms of helping them secure clients….our trainers have really jumped on board with it..”

Women In Motion – Fitness Facility in Christchurch – Fitness Life Award Runner Up for Small Club of the Year, South Island – 2009.  Seen here with their 20 Week Entrants 😉

“This is one one of the easiest ways to gain new clients and utilise your old data base”

Belinda Edmondston, Winner, Fitness Life, Best Personal Trainer of the Year, South Island seen here with her clients at the Awards night for the 20 Week Body & Lifestyle Competition.

You guys are the absolute best when it comes to responding to questions, and giving out great advice and support to trainers. Thanks heaps:)

Elly McGuiness, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Fitness Awards Finalist and Presenter FitEx 2013.

A fantastic way to learn more and grow as a PT and to grow your business during a potentially quiet period of the year.  Also a very supportive environment to work in as Broni is fantasticallysupportive and there is access to loads of other knowledgeable people and resources to help you 🙂  J.S

As a new PT I found being involved with the 20 weeks challenge very helpfull.  I’ve gained confidenced in myself while helping my client towards their goals.  Broni was great, she was supportive and helpful with advice when needed.    M Rhodes

The 20 Week Challenge is a great way for clients to get involved and take responsibility for their own success. There are heaps of useful resources to help improve your business and make it a fun and rewarding experience for everyone. The best part of the challenge is seeing the final reports and being able to show your clients and see their reactions when they realize just how far they have come! Also love how they learn so much about themselves, about their health and about their lifestyles 🙂 Ngauru (Nanu) Rawiri

I think the challenge is such a great thing to do if you are a new PT! It does throw you in the deep end but that’s the best way to learn right? I learnt so much and learnt it a lot quicker than if I had been left to figure it out myself. I learnt how to deal with an overload of enquiries very quickly and then how to manage getting the right information to the members. One of the most valuable things I learnt was how to deal with clients dropping off and being upset with non existent results. This was huge for me and I did seek help from Broni at the time which was a massive help 🙂

The 20 Week Challenge is an absolutely fabulous thing to be part of. It took me a couple of years before I gave it a shot after I had been recommended by another PT and I am so glad I finally did!  In 3 years we have trained 80 people for this challenge and have had some incredible results and life changing stories! This is a great challenge to keep your clients on track over Winter and excellent if they have an edge of competitiveness in them 🙂  Kate Lugtigheid Pumped Personal Training

The 20 Week Challenge was a positive experience for me and I would thoroughly  recommend participation.  I loved that there were so many categories and it gave many options so that a variety of goals could be achieved no matter what fitness level. WH

Everyday as a PT I am privileged to work with a variety of unique and genuine people whose desire to make sustainable change to their current lifestyles has led them to this competition.  Although the prizes are an enticement most come to find practical changes to aspects of their lives that they can make permanently a part of their everyday routine so the benefits continue to pay off long after the 20 week Challenge ends.  I am grateful that they choose to share their journey with me.    ME

I will definitely be involved in the 20 Week Challenge again next year.  It was an amazing boost for my business through the winter.  I have been involved in 12 week challenges before and I think 20 weeks was so much better!  It really helped my clients to instill those lifestyle changes – and they are all carrying them on even after it has finished. The support from the 20 Week organisers was awesome – everything provided to make it as easy as possible for trainers involved.  I loved the fact there were the ROXX team challenges, as this meant the trainers weren’t allowed to be involved – it got my clients working together as a team – and they had heaps of fun!  RW

I loved being part of the 20 week challenge and will absolutely do it again! It is well run, supported and is a supportive, creative and educational environment to train your clients. Both my participants loved the experience and are already deciding what to enter themselves into for the next one.     We all loved it!

I LOVED this challenge!   As a recently graduated PT, it really threw me in there, but also with the support of Broni and her wonderful team, which really helped.   I had to think outside the square a lot, and it challenged me to push myself, which, I think has made me a better PT.   The weekly PT and client newsletters really helped to keep me on track, and give some awesome ideas to add in for clients, either in the challenge, or out of the challenge.   It has been an experience that I would recommend to any PT…no matter how many clients you have join up. I can’t wait to do it again next time, and hopefully learn lots more!   Thanks Broni and your team for the awesome opportunities that you provide for us PTs and our clients…I couldn’t have done it without you!  Lisa Edwards

Energised, Informative, Well run, organised, Reputable, Great backup and support each week! Awesome Prizes with loads of sponsors!    Thank you Broni and team for another superb 20 Week Challenge!

This was our first time taking part in the 20 Week Challenge and we loved it.  The Catch Fitness 20 week challenge provided our members at NRG the focus they needed to get through the winter months and our staff the privilege of seeing them succeed

20 weeks is a real life changer for clients who have tried other 6-12 week challenges as it intentionally gets them to the ‘I’m over this point’ and allows people to recognise their barriers to find new ways to around/over blockages and gain health fitness and wellness.  for PT’s it keeps us professionally accountable as REPs PT’s to our customers, it also allows regular clients to have improved motivation/winter training goals, prevent habitation and also is a great avenue to new client referrals….so all and all good for business

Great way to get new or old clients   more “Focussed”, everyone LOVES A CHALLENGE!    Deb Wilson

“The 20 Week Challenge is such a great way to keep my clients motivated! My clients love the fact that they are part of something National and feel connected in a positive way.  Having the option of customizing or just sending out the informative newsletters every week keeps everyone on task. I also love that the Challenge is run through the winter -fantastic for retention during a time when things can get a little slow!”  – Cher Hunter

The 20 week challenge creates motivation and leadership beyond what you can as a PT. Great results are alway achieved when motivation and leadership are present, clients feel apart of something that inspires them to see results.

The whole process of the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge is thrilling, educational, and inspiring for both entrants and PTs alike.  As an ‘old-timer’ and having been in the industry for 10 + years, I still thrive on learning new material, and on hearing other inspirational stories.  The reports are a fantastic asset and form of marketing, often bringing the clients to tears as they reflect on how they’ve come over the course of the 20 weeks.  A wonderful process for building your business, marketing your business, and for reminding you what you are about and what you go to ‘work’ for.  Would highly recommend to all.  – Corinne Austin (Fit Fix, Whangarei, NZ).

The 20 Week Challenge has allowed me to return to the profession I love after a break to have children, the support from Broni and the challenge is incredible and allowed me to take part, nothing was too much trouble and sooo much of the background work has been done for you, newsletters, ideas, challenges. An awesome way to get started, return to, or gain some new ideas for your role in the awesome fitness profession. Thank you x  Hilary Blackstock, PlayFit with Hils, New Plymouth

“A great way to challenge yourself as a trainer, as well as stepping outside the box with challenging your clients.”  M.K


PT  Name Feedback.
Catherine Grace 20 Week Competition – YOU ROCK!  Without you I would not be where I am today,  The competition gives me structure, support and timeframes to ensure my clients get the best support to reach their health & fitness goals.
Stacey Smith Catch Fitness is a great company who have put together a fantastic campaign-the 20 week body and lifestyle competition. I joined the competition at the last minute when a client registered with me as their PT, so while I didn’t utilise the competition as much as I could have, I still certainly saw the huge benefits of the competition for myself and for my client.  I would recommend this competition for any PT wanting regular hours/clients/income and for any person out there looking for a new challenge to keep you focused and training hard.
Lisa Lilley For a personal trainer the Challenge is a great to be part of. You get so much professional and personal support from Broni and her team. We are very lucky to have them.  The challenge has enabled me to increase my client base as the advertising you get from being a challenge trainer is gold.  Thanks Broni and Catchfitness for your tireless work!!! J
Dwayne Thomas I really love this comp and hope to always be a part of it. (see previous years comments)
Desra Barron As a trainer It’s always great to be involved in the 20 weeks. As a trainer within a studio you can sometimes be isolated but with weekly email reminds you there are other out there doing the same thing
Storm Woolley I found the 20 week challenge to be a rewarding journey for me as a trainer and for my entrants.   Bronni and Anna were both fantastic support whenever I needed advice and the newsletters were really  helpful to send out to clients.
Michelle As the owner of a Bodyworx Fitness Centre Hokitika, I was delighted to be contacted by Broni and asked if our Personal Trainers would be interested in being part of the competition.   We thoroughly enjoyed being part of the 20 week Body and Lifestyle Competition.  It gave us a great opportunity to network with professional in the industry and to introduce people who have never been in a gym before to experience an environment that they might otherwise have felt apprehensive about.  Thanks to Broni and the Catch Fitness Team!!!!    Michelle Morris, Personal Trainer/Owner Bodyworx Fitness Centre – Hokitika
Di Lauder 20 weeks is a fabulous opportunity for personal trainers to promote their business. 20 weeks helps PTs further develop their professional confidence and skill base. 20 weeks requires trainers to keep an active relationship with clients not only helping them train the body with focused fitness goals but train the mind inspire/lead clients to adopt health and embrace it into their future….it’s a life changing experience and if you are a trainer who really wants to take your training further try 20 weeks you will make a solid difference
Michelle Edwards A wonderful competition that provides practical and achievable challenges and support throughout
Pascale Battrick Catch Fitness welcomed me with open arms. I had just started my business up after the September quakes and during the REPs meetings met a lot of inspiring people who helped me to make the right connections. Broni was one of those people and even though i was new to the industry in Chch she made me feel invincible and empowered. Have you ever had someone make you feel invincible? It’s a pretty awesome feeling! I never felt under-appreciated or under-valued. I was always encouraged by the team and all of the trainers involved in the competition. I think Catch Fitness is doing some outstanding things for people who want to transform their lives and as a believer and promoter of people making that change, i am really happy to be part of a team that is motivating people to realise their goals. Many thanks to everyone involved in the competition!
Bronwyn Adams Hooper Being part of the 20 Week Challenge, has been a great incentive for my clients to stay focused. It has also helped me as a trainer, for the back up is there if I need it.
Roger Symes I have enjoyed the whole 20/30 week Competition .I belive having set time and goal made the outcome for my girls made it a that much more focused  effort , some people want to do something but just saying losing weight with no set out come is airy fairy  the 20 /30 weeks has a start and a stop but more so a life plan at the end . the results speek volumes for me . and they have inspired family friends and face book watches , For me on a personal level to help you guys in Christchurch by keeping the whole focuse alive in the mists of all the loss and pain has been all but a little part to you but for me I think of you and pray for you and the team daily. Stay strong keep safe see you soon .
Elly McGuiness All PTs, new and experienced should be involved in this competition!  The level of support and direction you receive from Broni and the crew is outstanding.  They are never to busy to respond to your emails or texts and show amazing, unwavering support for all the trainers involved.  Being a part of the competition helps trainers  to ensure they are delivering the best level of service they possibly can for their clients, and seeing the results that the entrants get is so rewarding.  Thanks Catch Fitness – you rock!
Claudia Disney As a new rookie trainer I was a bit apprehensive about entering the Catchfitness  competition, after all I had only just set up my business, what did I know anyway?  But there was no need to worry, the support from the Catchfitness crew has  been amazing, and I am so so glad I jumped on board this ride.  Will I do it again?  Yes please, when, can’t wait
Rachel it’s awesome to be a part of a motivating larger force that unites clients and trainers for success

The following is taken directly from the online feedback form that personal trainers complete at the end of another one of our challenges.

What have been the 2 most beneficial things for you in being involved in “20 Weeks”?
Picked up long term client from last competition  Free exposure on Catch Fitness Website
It has given me something to focus on and maintain my interest in PTing and it has definitely brought me new clients. My current entrant has re-signed and encouraged two of her friends to enter as well which is fantastic. I’ll be able to more group challenges etc
My motivation has increased I am back in a fitness routine I enjoy and I fell better for it.
Client doing more sessions than usual, has given my client the foucs to get the results that she deserved.
Regular clients  Being talked about
Having a structure to work within  Great support
Seeing the results my clients have achieved  Having weekly newsletters done for me
New Clients and – The enjoyment I get from seeing the results of the clients
Seeing the lifestyle changes in my client!! Love that the challenge is 20weeks!  Seeing the acheivment and accomplishment from my client and the continuation of the “next goal”
OMG – Only two!!  1.   The extraordinary results emotionally & physically for my clients.  The boost my 20 week clients gives me the determination to spread the word and get 20,000 in the 20 Week Competition.  2.   The 20week competition gives my business structure, a regular income stream and collaboration for my clients that I could no way replicate on my own.
WOW!! where do i start. my business and myself have benefited from a large number of things that the 20 week challenge offers. I will name a couple but there is sooooo much more that i am grateful for.   1  large amount of good recognition and support which has grown my business and good name.  2 giving my clients a clear goal that has proven to propel them with unstoppable motivation and celebrate their efforts at the end of the challenge.  this has the clients talking non stop about the wonderful things they overcome etc which also increases good word of mouth and potential clients.
  1. Knowing that you are not on your own, being part of a team.    2.  Wonderful support network
1.The weekly focuses eg.txt challenges, newsletters etc.  2.The professional tie with the catch fitness crew/other Pt’s especially being a sole PT practitioner/studio owner.
regular clients
being given the opportunity to introduce exercise to others to make it become part of their lifestyle  seeing them progress through their goals, helping them feel better about themselves, the chance to share knowledge and experience.
N/A as have advised preciously
Receiving the newsletters and PT tips they have been a wonderful resourse.  Knowing the Bronni is just a phone call away if i need information.
enjoy the whole concept of the Challenge and getting a few more clients.
Seeing the amazing fitness and strength gains the clients have made and how excited they are about the exercise regime they do (it’s just so awesome to see how much they love fitness now and they’re figuring out their own little fitness niches – what works for them and what doesn’t)
1) Regular income  2) Hopefully continual clients
Having a great structure and support network to establish my business. Seeing wonderful results from clients, even halfway through.
 PTs –  Is there anything you’d like to say about your experience about “20 Weeks” so far that we can use for this purpose?
Open-Ended Response
The 20 week challenge is a competition which promotes a sustainable change in one’s lifestyle. 12 week challenges are a thing of the past since the invention of Catch Fitness 20 week competition.
I have written on already please feel free to use that
20 weeks commitment for 20 years of a healthy lifestyle
It certainly gives a focus to the year and your work.  My weeks are very structured around the challenge and although it is an arduous schedule it is working for me and my family
I love the 20 Weeks format – it has proven itself successful over and over
I’ve entered clients in the past 2 competitions and will continue to do so as they’ve been so valuable to both my clients and myself.  The support given by Catch Fitness to trainers is awesome, and it’s so exciting to be a part of something that’s getting bigger and better every year.
Whoops see below
The 20 week Challenge is a fantastic challenge to enter into. Broni and the Catch fitness team are 100% committed to helping trainers by going far and beyond in supporting and guiding trainers throughout the 20 weeks. They do all the hard work, the marketing and newsletters, so you can do the stuff we trainers enjoy!! Getting out there and being with our clients!! 🙂
The 20 Weeks Competition is an amazing product to help structure your business and formalise training for clients.  It allows individuals to make significant changes that will impact on them for the rest of their lives!
The 20 week competition helped my business grow from being a new trainer working alone in a gym to a healthy recognized trainer who owns his own studio. after the first competition i was very busy and within six months i was able to purchase plenty of equipment to start my own private studio. I now have a fully equipped studio within a large gym and i am able to offer a larger range of services to the clients which has furthermore improved my client base. I have 12 clients in this competition and they all come to me asking about the challenge and all of them are still going strong thanks to the benefits of being involved with the 20 week competition. I had 11 clients in my first competition which got my business started and three in my second which propelled my business with a good name and then 3 clients who have already done the competition and 8 new clients asked for my guidance to help them improve their lifestyles with the benefits of the 20 week competition. I already have 4 new clients who have come to me asking to join the next competition. very grateful
The 20 Week Body and Lifestyle Competition is a great introduction to learning about and living a healthy lifestyle.  It does not just rely on a short term fix it is focused and allows the clients to explore what works best for them in a supported environment.  You don’t have to have athletic aspirations, just want to get the most out of your life and understanding that exercise needs to be part of your daily life but it does not have to be a ‘chore’
The 20 week body and lifestyle challenge is a very much that, it allows the entrant a chance to make positive and obvious fitness and body shape changes but importantly have enough time to really ‘get why this has to continue to happen in the future’ it is about a real ‘mindset change’. It allows trainers to drive their client to being accountable to their future wellness to achieve a health improvements of both their body and mind.
Great way to support clients to live in the real world.  The joy of seeing clients changes is worth it’s weight in gold.
 Love it Thanks catch fitness
It is a awesome competition, the newsletters are fantastic tool, full of encouraging information. The awards night at the end is a great motivator.
It is great to see the  new and positive changes of  each client week by week both physically and mentally.
As mentioned above – as a new PT I find the structure and support of the comp to be invaluable in establishing good business practises.

The 20 Week Challenge is an awesome tool for PT’s – new and established. My first year I had one entrant, and this year I had 8! The support is amazing – there are weekly newsletters for both PT’s and clients, and any of this content can be used by PT’s for their other clients. It is a great way to get new clients, and to help retain them, through getting them involved with individual and team challenges. I love 20 Week Challenge time, and even though the end of challenge reports take a while to put together, they are invaluable! It helps keep clients motivated through Winter (and helped to keep ME motivated for my clients through this period!) Some of my other clients dropped off, but ones on the challenge felt motivated to keep going until the end, even if they didn’t achieve what they wanted to. The awards are also an amazing way to celebrate client successes, as a group. Broni is an amazing superstar, and without her support, dedication and enthusiasm, I would not be where I am today!  – Lisa Edwards, Personal Trainer – Manager at Jetts Fitness Northlands Mall

The challenge has been a great experience, and I’ve retained all the clients that completed the duration. It has been fun and a great learning curve, I would thoroughly recommend to give it a try and sign yourself up as a challenge PT.     SC

A great experience to be part of, I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to challenge themselves as a PT, get more clients, and make some good friends.

Such a great, well run challenge. The support is amazing and the positivity is always infectious!

The Catch Fitness 20 week challenge is something all PT’s should consider getting involved in. It is a fabulous challenge to be part of which helps to guide your clients on a 20 week journey over Winter, keep them focused and on track. each year I get more and more clients coming to train because of this challenge. It not only benefits the client but your business will benefit too. It’s an opportunity to lock a client in for 20 weeks, do a good job and they should continue and want to do it all again the following year.  Kate Lugtigheid

It is an amazing journey to support these athletes on. You really get to learn how people tick and what motivates them, the length of the challenge really teaches people it is setting them up for a lifestyle not a ‘quick fix’! I loved being a trainer for the 20 Week Challenge. Rachel Palmer

It is an amazing event to do to keep momentum up for clients in winter!

This was an amazing experience for me to have joined the 20 week challenge with 14 clients as a first timer! I have learnt so much not just professionally but also about my clients and what motivates them to really dig deep. I would highly recommend this as the satisfaction (and happy tears) when doing their final reports is priceless 😀 Michelle Anderson 

Amazing rewarding

A fantastic way to grow your business and grow as a personal trainer in your ability. Discover your strengths and how to work with your weaknesses. An awesome opportunity to impact and change peoples health, fitness and lives in a positive and measurable way. Jo Stark 🙂

As a PT, clients need a focus and a goal.  The 20 week challenge provides the challenge giving clients a choice of category and the fun of participating.  Sue Twomey

Starting out with your personal training career can be both exciting and overwhelming. The 20 week challenge gives yourself accountability as a trainer as you journey with your clients through the 20 weeks. It has given me a chance to understand the industry a little deeper and discover what areas I am passionate about. Admin can be a bit of a drag (and a little confusing at times), through the challenge you only get better at it as you learn to set up new systems!   The support that you gain from the 20 weeks and the connections made set you up well for a career in the fitness industry. Get out there and do it!    Lilly Down

Broni and the team at Catch Fitness do a great job in running this challenge. Over the 20 weeks, if your clients can stay in it, they will achieve things they never thought were possible. It is truly an awesome experience to be a part of.

The 20 Week Challenge is a fun way to encourage clients to achieve their goals! With this challenge they are motivated to set and achieve goals. They might hate doing the fitness tests at the start but their reactions at the end are awesome! They are always amazed at what they have accomplished through the guidance of a well structured challenge. One of my clients was so hooked she came back the next year and brought a friend with her!  Nanu

Great challenge to set new goals to strive towards and accomplish !  Deb

20 week challenge changes lives every year.    Paul Todd-Advanced Fitness

It’s great to see what other trainers are doing out there in a co-creative environment.  It’s a great base to work around to encourage clients to try new things. WH

20 weeks is a great opportunity for registered personal trainers to make real difference, guiding clients to make lifetime sustainable positive changes to their fitness and health. So worth be involved with. PTDi

Accountability and a challenge for all concerned, great time frame with it filling in the winter months, awesome support system from Catch – and the clients love this too! They love being part of a bigger picture – especially with us being in a more isolated area, check themselves against other areas of the country, love the challenges,

Thank you Broni for the opportunity to be part of the 20 week challenge!  I love how the challenge is about  supporting PTs, and promoting the importance of having a PT, as well as giving Participants the opportunity to make some real change!    Pam, Fit Future

Fantastic to see clients get results from all the hard work they’ve put in and so rewarding to see people improve their health and their lives. Suze Hansen – REAL Fitness Queenstown.

After 10 years in the industry I know a good thing when I am involved with it and for me that has been the 20 Week Challenge. It has helped me lift my standards and ensured my clients have had the best coaching they could get from me. The support of The 20 Week Challenge team is exceptional.

The 20 week Challenge is a great way to get people moving more and focusing on improving their health and fitness.

The 20 Week Challenge is an ideal way to learn how to manage individual’s and a group.  With a plan of attack this has the opportunity to be fun for everyone and your clients will help drive each others motivation.  Take the time at the beginning to get a plan together.

I have loved being part of this years 20 week challenge. It was a great way to get back into work with plenty of support right from the start. Help getting clients, weekly newsletters to send to clients as well as lot of activities for clients to get together and try. I will definitely be doing it all again next year. Thanks Catch you rock!   Playfit with Hils

For all the details head to www.20weekchallenge.co.nz