Resources for PTs

Promote yourself as a PT of the 2018 20 Week Challenge .

Any REPs registered personal trainers can use these resources and promote themselves as a trainer of the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge entrants, (it doesn’t cost you anything so there’s nothing to lose)  just be sure to register with us here.

If you need more info about how to make the most of the opportunity, click here first.

1. Posters


Here’s a poster you can print out and use. It has heaps of white-space to add your own details or the details of an information night.  You are also more than welcome to make your own posters and just use our logos, which you’ll find further down.

Tips on how to get the most from your posters.

a) Personalize them.
Add your own contact/logo/location details to the posters.

b) Put them in places where someone knows you.
Ask a friend to put one up in their staff room at their work, put them at the hairdressing salon you go to instead of choosing one where you don’t know anyone.  A little bit of connection can go along way.

c) Put them close
If you are not in a rural location choose places within a a) 5 minute walk, or b) 10 minute drive of your location.

d) Put them where people sit for a while like on a mirror at a hairdressing salon, in elevators or on the back of toilet doors, staff room tables etc..

e) Thank people.  When you ask the front-line/reception to put a poster up in their staff room on your behalf give them a choice of a thank you, for instance, a piece of fruit, coffee voucher or a credit voucher to put towards a session with you.  Not only is it the right thing to do, it starts building up a positive picture of your brand and being grateful is a great piece in that picture.

f) Take them down. Re-visit locations to thank people again and to take the posters down on May 21st or sometime super close to the date.

2. Facebook

1. Invite people to train with you

Here’s some examples of how you could do that.

‘Hi everyone.   I am a registered trainer on the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge this year so if you’re keen on bouncing into Spring feeling fit and fab then check it out at and message me if you’d like to know more about how I can get you across the finish line a winner.

Kieran's facebook exampleReal Fit Examples

2. Share share

Each week I post a mix of entrant stories, recipe ideas, excerpts from our newsletters and details about the up and coming Challenge.  Scroll through to find what you like and share on your own page, inviting people to train with you for it.
Click here for Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge Facebook page

3. Write all over us

We allow (and encourage) each trainer to post on our Facebook page introducing themselves, linking in their website, posting details of their 20 Week Challenge packages and generally talking themselves up.

You do have to be REPs registered to do that and your post needs to relate to the 20 Week Challenge.

4.  Create an event

Create a Facebook event like Ainsley did.

Rejuvenate example

5.  Brag

If who have been on the Challenge before do well to do posts about some of the successful entrants like Kate did here.

Pumped and mel post

3. Logo

4. Put a promo video on your website

Videos are one of the most successful marketing tools you can use.

On the RIGHT HAND side of the ENTRANT’S JOURNEY page of the 20 Week Challenge™ website there are some choice videos you can link to include on your own website.

5. Use testimonials & link to success stories.

Link to or print off any page or stories you like from the Entrant Journey’s Page of the website – providing it’s evident they were not your personal clients, if they’re not.

There’s also tons of testimonials and click here for great graphs from our 2016 entrant feedback forms. Click on the pics to enlarge, save and re-use.

6. Website examples

Put us on your website.  Here’s a few examples of what other PTs have done!

7. Package Ideas

Offering a range of packages can make it easier for people to sign up with you for the 20 weeks.  If you checked out those websites at no.6 you will have seen some of those packages.  Here’s a few more ideas from another PT.

  1. The Go-Getter – $699
    Ideal for entrants who are experienced exercisers and self motivated to follow nutritional and exercise programmes on their own.

    • First consult (value $80).
    • Three full consults to evaluate and change programme,  ensuring it perfectly matches your progress  ($300)
    • Two fitness testing sessions, 1.5 hours ($300)
    • Four group sessions or one x 45 minute one-one ($60)
    • End of challenge party (value $60)
    • Excludes 20 Week Challenge entry fee.

    PLUS Discounts For Go-Getters:  45 minute, one to one,  sessions for the 20 weeks $45 instead of $60.  $10 for any additional large group sessions instead of $15.

    Price $699 (value $800)
    SAVE: $101

  2. Gung Ho pack – $1799Ideal for beginners to experienced entrants who want to fast track their results.
    • First goals setting consult (value $80).
    • Three fitness testing sessions, start, week 10 & end (@$150 each total value $450).
    • Two x 45 minute training sessions per week for 10 weeks ($120 a week = 1,200)
    • One weekly group sessions for 20 weeks (@ $15 each = $300).
    • Monthly get together/seminar or event, weekly communication: ($140)
    • End of challenge outing $60.
    • Excludes 20 Week Challenge entry fee.

    Price $1799 (Value $2110)
    SAVE $311

  3. High Achievers Package – $3229

    For entrants, beginners or experienced exercises who have plateaued,  who really want to make BIG changes this 20 weeks.

    • First goals setting consult (value $70).
    • Three fitness testing sessions, start, week 10 & end (@$100 each total value $300).
    • Two x 45 minute weekly training sessions for 20 weeks ($120 a week = 2,400)
    • Two weekly group sessions for 20 weeks (@ $15 each = $600).
    • Other: Four get togethers/seminar/event, weekly communication via Winner’s Weekly and be part of our private FB page, plus a T-SHIRT : ($200)
    • End of challenge group celebration ($60)
    • Excludes 20 Week Challenge entry fee.

    Price $3229 (instead of $3830) 

    SAVE $601

Here’s another example of his 20 Week Challenge™ PT training package – but don’t get to caught up in the details or pricing.  Other examples can be found on some of the websites of PTs referred to at no. 6.

8. Information Sessions

If you’d like to tell people about your 20 Week Challenge packages, how it works, sign people up and book them in to their first session etc then why not run an information session either at your club or studio or at their business.

Use the poster at no.1 or make your own, or create an events page on Facebook.


9. Get Your Profile Up

We used to profile participating Personal Trainers on our website but due to the large numbers now involved we are sending all entrants to their country’s REPs website to find a PT.

Having that you are a 20 Week Challenge trainer in those first few lines (at least until May 21st) can help people to find you easily if you are up for training people this year.

10. Shirt Logo

Put the 20 Week Challenge™ logo on your own business shirts or shirts that you are ordering for your client/entrants.

  1. Embroidered 20 Week Challenge™ logo  costs $3.50 plus gst per shirt at last check so if you’d like to do that we’ll pay $4.50 towards each shirt that you do.No matter where you are in the country now we have files you can use at virtually ANY embroiders (which saves us a $100 set up fee every time we go to a new embroidery place)  – just email us for them and we’ll send them to you to pass on to your local embroider.
    embroidery on t-shirt 2 t-shirt embroidery

2. Costs for the screen print version (see below) vary greatly depending on quantity, starting at about $4 each if you do 50 to $7.50 each if you are doing just 6 for instance. Print runs less than 10 also incur a $20 surcharge.  We will contribute $5 towards each shirt that you get printed should you choose this option too.

20 week screen print 2 20 week screen print one

Ordering:  These prints and embroidery are currently only available from Arbi in Christchurch.  When ordering, getting quotes etc just explain that the ‘files’ are under the ’Catch Fitness’.

Postage: For those outside of Christchurch doing 10 or more shirts we will also contribute a one-off $20 towards postage costs too.

All 20 Week Challenge PTs need to be registered with one of these ICREPs bodies by May 21st 2018.