Whatever you do, DON’T invest in new equipment, another marketing campaign or more training before you’ve read this.

The answer to huge growth may be far easier and cheaper than you imagined and in fact, may be just an email away!

The Gold Nuggets

Honest client feedback is GOLD,  but it isn’t always easy to get. 

Simply asking your clients for feedback is a start but it doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to gathering the gold nuggets of information that will set you on the path to rapid growth of your business.  

Feedback has to be anonymous if it’s going to be honest, otherwise you just end up with lots of compliments.  Sure, if you’re a big company, people would toss all sorts of feedback at you – but you’re one person, with clients who don’t want to hurt your feelings, waste your time or risk embarrassing themselves!.

To solve this problem Catch Fitness have an online questionnaire and we will gather the crucial feedback for you on all sorts of issues, whilst ensuring your client’s responses remain ANONYMOUS.  

Cost:  $55.  Discounts: $45 if your REPs registered and $35 if you are a PT on the 20 Weeks Body & Lifestyle Competition.  Includes GST and is only payable if you get more than seven responses 🙂

For your obligation free link email us info@catchfitness.co.nz

feedback is a gift

Knowing what to do with it is easy. 

Getting IT IS the hard BIT.




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