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  1. Fitness Tests
    For a quick list of ideas on fitness tests check here Brianmac. It’s still important to do do a little research around any tests you choose.  I’d also recommend going with clients to their specialists if you ever get the chance i.e. join them on their physio appointments etc – it’s an awesome way to see practical tests in action.
  2. Fitness Calculators
    Tons of free calculators exist on the internet like this one which compares the strength of different people of different weights – Wilks. and this one for 1 rep max  and you can always write your own like we have in this ‘comparative results’ excel spreadsheet which allows you to see the percentage difference a client has achieved in an area.
  3. Lists of events
    A great way to keep your clients excited and moving forward is by having them enter an event. Check out our quick list of 21 North Island events as selected by other PTs and their clients as being ones they loved. Join our 20 Week Challenge and we’ll also share with you our South Island and International event lists.
  4. Pre-screens
    The latest, greatest templates and supportive information around these is best sourced from REPs. Free if you are registered with REPs.
  5. Send good-looking emails
    Use MailChimp for professional emails.  Mail Chimp also offers sign up forms for your websites and the ability to store lots of info about the different groups of clients you work with.
  6. Business cards
    Check out for free and super cheap templates from business cards, to t-shirts and banners.
  7. Million dollar marketing advice!
    Produced by local NZ Herald writer Graham McGregor and our gift to you.  Million Dollar Marketing Advice Vol 1
  8. Stretching Chart
    Click here for the latest ACC Stretch Chart
      or check out other resources from ACC
  9. Making your own posters?
    Try  Use this Checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything when promoting your services.
  10. Fall prevention older adults
    The Otago Exercise Programme
     guide and exercises for seniors
  11. Workshops
    Catch Fitness regularly organise free workshops for activity providers in Canterbury thanks to the Active Canterbury Network.  Click here for details.  We are always happy to promote other people’s workshops for FREE – just ask.
  12. Volunteeer at Conferences
    FitEx is an awesome 2- 3 day conference in Auckland and each year they select volunteers to help them out.  It’s a great way to get involved and see the conference for free. Email  if you’re keen to know more.
  13. Free promotion
    Build your business, help your clients achieve awesome results and reward them with big prizes!  Click here – 20 Week Challenge to read more about this opportunity free to PTs nationwide challenge that supports and promotes  PTs and all the great stuff they do.
  14. Jobs
    Post adverts for FREE on our National Facebook Page or on the Canterbury Page and click here to check out the official job site of the industry FitNZ
  15. Your supporters
    Find out who supports our industry in the Fitness New Zealand Preferred Supplier List.
  16. PTs contracts – if you’re thinking of working out of a gym
    An essential checklist if you are thinking of working as a PT at a  Fitness Facility. PT contractors checklist
  17. Paperwork
    New to the industry or need to get your paper work in order.  Scroll fown further below to the heading ‘worksheets for PTs to view’ a few.
  18. Motivational material
    Click here for videos: Great to put on your website or send to clients in your monthly newsletter.
  19. The power of testimonials
    How and why to start collecting these.
  20. Funding avenues
    Notes from Ageing Symposium at FitEx re funding opportunities. Some things may have changed now but it will give you a few ideas of where to start if you’re looking for funding to support a fitness initiative in your community.
  21. How to run workshops and fitness challenges
    Another Catch Fitness bunch of resources available at


  1. ATTENDING CONFERENCES. Our favorites is FitEX in Auckland, followed closely by Filex in Australia and then IDEA in LA.  If you’re a PT or owner/manager there is also a yearly Business Roadshow organised by the Exercise Association of NZ.  There’s also now FitEx Lite in Christchurch.
  2. PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION: REPs is the place to score yourself professional recognition in the fitness industry and once you do, you’ll also have access to templates for business cards, client agreement forms, newsletters, an online profile and a whole wack more.IDEA join REPs and you’ll have discounted access to many of the very awesome on-line courses and be able to earn CPDs by doing them.
  3. GOLD NUGGETS OF FEEDBACK: Use a client feedback service to ensure you get quality, useful feedback to quickly boost the success of your business!  Great value, often revealing a few small tweaks that can make a HUGE difference!
  4. GREAT BOOKS: The Interactive Instructor Book – Register with Catch Fitness for free using the top right hand icon and you’ll be able to use ‘Catch Fitness’ as your code for a super discount on this brilliant book produced by New Zealand’s own Award winning Kris Tynan.
  5. ANOTHER GREAT BOOK: Leaders of Older Adult Functional Fitness Activity – use the Catch Fitness code for a discount.
  6. WEB SERVICE FOR EVERYTHING! Fiverr – for all sorts of things!


Most of these worksheets were given out as part of presentations but hopefully there is enough info on them that you’ll be able to make out how to best use them and/or it sends in you in the right direction for these resources.

1. Leads and conversion sheets

Perfect for self employed personal trainers and group fitness instructors to help set targets, lay out achievable steps and evaluate progress.Use this workbook to put a 2 month plan into place to help you achieve your targets.

2. Idea development workbook.

Seeing your ideas come to fruition can be highly rewarding on a personal and a business level.

Whether you have a good idea already or simply don’t know where to start then this workbook will help set in place a re-assuring plan for you to bring it to life.

3. Starter Guide – expenses template.

Just starting out in your personal training career? Need to know how it stacks up financially? This template allows you to fill in your own figures to determine your business expenses, personal expenses and start up costs.

4. Fitness club spreadsheet

This template calculates the forward cash-flow of a fitness business based on the constraints and values entered by the user.  Variables include staff costs, lease costs (including any rent free periods), sales (with an allowance for higher initial sales), retention rate, pricing, staffing levels, costs of borrowing, initial set up costs etc.

5. Your Guide To Starting Out In Fitness

Lots of super useful information to help you get started in this great industry.  An absolute essential document for all graduates, albeit this one is now a tad out of date.  Get a hold of REPs for the most up to date version.