Current Competitions

1. Cape and Goggle Awards

Nominate someone who is doing a fab job in the fitness industry for our monthly Award. Click here.

2. $25 discount on The Gold Nuggets Feedback Service.  Just email us with the name of your favorite Group Fitness Instructor or PT and the reasons why. Read all about it here.

Winners from 2013 – so far

March: The iPod Shuffle goes to Alicia from Christhchurch for completing the Gold Nugget Feedback Form about her Personal Trainer.

March: The Obie Foam Wrist Rollers were won by PTs from CLM, JETTS & SNAP as well as PT Council Rep Lauren and owner of XALT, Barb, all of whom attended the Palmy North PTC meeting.

Feb: PTC Survey Feedback Prizes – Corinne from One 2 One in Whangarei won the 20 Week Entry  and Sally from Storey Sport in Hamilton won the Gold Nuggets Feedback service.

Feb: The Cape and Goggle Award – Cade Taylor from Les Mills Wellington

Feb: The Langham Signs Digital Car Pimp Comp.  This was won by Michaela Knusden from MicFit, Make It Count Training.  Pics to come

January: Boxes or Horleys Replace were given out to Trainers and Clubs who participated in a feedback service for their members and clients, the names of whom we can’t publish, but happy to verify via independent 3rd party if need be.

January: Kevin Yee from the YMCA won the Cape & Goggle Award for his fabulous long term customer service.

Winners from 2012

November – Kris Tynan from the Interactive Instructor won the Cape & Goggle Award and earlier in the month had won the NZ Fitness Award for Contribution to the Industry.


October – Elly McGuiness won the 10 Week PT Challenge which included a $400 voucher with MikeCatton, the Sandbag from XLR8, a $200 voucher with The Big Red Ball, the $49 Kinetic Bands, The $29 Gym Boss and The $123 Internet Marketing Book!


October: Kate Lugtigheid from Pumped won title of Catch Fitness, 20 Weeks, PT of the Year and also scored a $400 voucher with MikeCatton.







September and October – Roger Symes (SNAP, Palmy Nth, far right) and Alex Stephenson (Massey, Palmy Nth, far left) won the Cape & Goggle Awards for volunteering up 20 weeks of training to the two ladies between them who competed in the 20 Weeks with Classic Hits comp.  Both won a poster from Interactive Skills.

August – Sue Baxter won the entry to the Interactive Skills workshop in Auckland

August – Barbara Miller from Events With Purpose won the Cape and Goggle Award for take 30 plus ladies away for a weekend retreat.

July – Maria Moran from the Active Canterbury Network won the Cape and Goggle Award for her never ending support of all activity providers in Canterbury.

July – Naomi Whyte won the entry to the Interactive Skills workshop in Christchurch

June – Aron Anderson from Pioneer Stadium won the Cape and Goggle Award for going beyond the call of duty to support local providers.

May – Richie and Sarah Lambert from Funktional Fitness Queenstown won the Cape and Goggle Award for putting on and taking part in a huge array of fun services and events for their locals as well as for their unique ‘PT In Your Ear’ product.

April – Jean Scott – Personal Training Council won the Cape and Goggle Award for all she does in her own time to support local providers.

March and $20 i-tune voucher – Zest Studio Christchurch won the Cape and Goggle Award

February – Halle Barrett – One 2 One Fitness – Whangarei won the Cape and Goggle Award

$20 i-tune vouchers for completing our survey were won by Body Evolution and Balance For Life.

Aerobics CD . Jenny Latto won the first one drawn in February (Waiuku) and Debbie Esler (Timaru)  won the 2nd one drawn April.  Congrats girls

Terms and conditions

As far as is possible the Terms and Conditions outlined here are applicable to all the Awards and Competitions 🙂