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Active Canterbury

Catch Fitness are proud to deliver another three free workshops on behalf of Active CanterburyThanks to REPs two of these will likely also include FREE CPDs *  

All Activity Providers are welcome to attend any of these workshops, including volunteers, students and those training to be a provider in their community.

  • LINCOLN – Fitness Training Workshop 1
  • Date: Saturday October 14th
  • Time: 10.45am – 4.30 pm
  • Venue: Lincoln Events Centre
  • CPDs: 2.5 CPDs when attending afternoon session 12.45 – 4.30pm

We’re heading out to the beautiful Lincoln Events Centre – a mere 15-20 minute drive south of Pioneer Recreation, our normal location, to visit our fabulous south of the city based instructors. All activity providers are still invited though, no matter where you are based, to this jam-packed day being organised by the Award Winning Linda Miratana on behalf of Active Canterbury, with the help of Catch Fitness.


  • Morning Session – 10.45 am – 12.15 SEW – Seniors Eating Well – This fun and educational session can be done on it’s own should you not with to attend the afternoon session.  SEW are ‘pick up and go’ lessons designed for YOU to deliver in a fun and confident way to older adults.Each lesson includes everything you need, with optional recipes to make and taste-test!Many have an educational game format to make it fun and interesting for both you and them.All lessons were piloted by multiple nutrition educators and updated with 2015-20 USDA Dietary Guidelines, MyPlate, and evaluation tools.A must do session for anyone working with this age group.  All free and interesting.
  • Afternoon Session – STARTS 12.45 pm – Begin your afternoon with a boost of energy for our exciting afternoon with Chia seed puddings and smoothie shots!
    Join the other double Award Winning presenter, Linda Miratana, for her best ideas on how to grow your classes.  Linda runs hugely popular classes at Lincoln Events Centre.
    Find out where to source great music from, share your favourite tracks and contribute to a shared list of music ideas. Take a track to one of your favourite tunes and join in as the Award Winning Linda Miratana takes us through a Cardio Weights routine to some of her favourite music. (Email Linda Linda.Miratana@selwyn.govt.nz beforehand if you’d like to share a track).
    These have been some of our favourite workshop sessions so we’re combining them together with more ideas and more practicals. It may be physically a little more demanding than most our sessions but rest assured if you can’t or don’t want to participate, you can always take notes from the side-lines.
    We take a look at a chronic condition that affects one in four Kiwi children and one in six adults.  It’s one that can quickly become an emergency but also one we can prepare for and reduce the risk of.
    ACC are officially getting behind group activity classes and endorsing them!  Rebecca Logan from Sports Canterbury, who holds an Advanced Diploma in Sports Prescription, is co-coordinating the initiative in Canterbury.  She joins us on the day to briefly explain the benefits of the programme and how easy it will be for you to qualify.
    Why we run them, why they work and lots of ideas on how to organise your own super themed sessions.
    Plus we’ll have all the usual updates from the Active Canterbury Network, chances to make announcements. meet others and ask questions.

NB: The order of the sessions may not be in the order written above.  Please touch base with us closer to the time for an exact schedule of presentations if this is important to you.

If you want to know more about this workshops or other Active Canterbury workshops please email info@catchfitness.co.nz or call 0800 000 929 or head to www.catchfitness.co.nz.

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  • Date:Saturday February 24th
  • Times: 1pm – 4pm
  • Venue: Rangiora Fitness Centre


Designed specifically with our Northern activity providers in mind.
Come and meet Active Canterbury and the other providers in your district, pick up resources and tell us what topics you’d love delivered in your area.

Free workshops for activity providers have been held in Canterbury for almost 10 years. Most of them have also provided free CPDs for any REPs registered attendees.  Now it’s your chance to have them provided on a more local level.

We invite all group fitness instructors, walking group leaders, fitness coaches, yoga, Pilates teaches, dance instructors, bootcamp trainers and anyone else working in, or wanting to work in the physical activity provider space to come along and contribute ideas around what you’d like to see presented and/or pop your hand up to do some presenting.

Find out who Active Canterbury is and how they can help you, for free,  in your role as an activity provider.  Enjoy this opportunity to find out who the other providers in your community are.

Pick up a pack of resources/handouts from previous workshops held in Christchurch covering Health & Safety, Funding and Use of Music ideas and legalities. It’s going to be an afternoon not to be missed if you’re looking for more ways to up-skill locally and to meet others in your industry in your area.

The afternoon will also include:-

Strength and Balance Programme 

Find out how to become an approved provider, recognised and referred to by ACC of Strength and Balance programmes.   Tap into the the FREE training, support, ideas and ongoing support from Sport Canterbury.

Ageless Grace, Tai Chi and a  meditation taster 

Try out some simple Ageless Grace and Tai Chi routines that can be used with virtually any group and finish off with a 5 minute meditation.

REPs/Health & Safety

  • Is REPs for you?  What do they do and what are CPDs?
  • New health and safety legislation and the implications for you as an activity provider.
  • Q & A

Your turn

We love to give attendees the opportunity to present for 5 minutes at our workshops.  Whether it’s on a industry related topic, some new exercises, ideas or opportunities, we’d love to hear them.  Even if you’ve never presented before, consider this your opportunity and we can guarantee your peers will be appreciative of your effort.

We generally choose three guest presenters.  If you’d like to be one of them simply tick the box on the booking form or email Broni – catchfitness@gmail.com.

NB: The order of the sessions may not be in the order written above.  Please touch base with us closer to the time for an exact schedule of presentations if this is important to you.

If you want to know more about this workshops or other Active Canterbury workshops please email info@catchfitness.co.nz or call 0800 000 929 or head to www.catchfitness.co.nz. 

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If you had already registered for this year’s Lincoln workshop simply email me info@catchfitness.co.nz that you would like to attend.



  • Date: Saturday May 26th
  • Time: 12.30pm – 4.30 pm
  • Venue: Pioneer Recreation Centre
  • CPDs: 2.5 CPDs when attending the entire session


    Kick of the afternoon by meeting someone you haven’t met before. A rare opportunity that results in a lot of fun and often the lead in to all sorts of other opportunities!
    Best bits from the Australian FILEX conference and from New Zealand’s FITEX conference.
    Find out what this popular movement style is all about and give some of it’s easier moves a go.
    Join our Auckland presenter Elaine who is of a Filipino, Spanish and Chinese descent, to experience a program that will take you on a journey of timeless ezy dance movez, incorporating a mixture and variety of genres.Fusing global dance styles and embracing diversity, the program is suitable for people of all ages – from beginners’ level to years of dance experience and uses music that caters for all ethnicities
    Latest greatest apps and programmes to help your business to boom.
    Up to three of our attendees share five minutes with us.  Tell us your story, share some exercises or choreography, practice your presenting skills, take your first ever public class!  What ever you like.  Our attendees are the most appreciative and smiley bunch you could ever present to.  Just mark that you’re keen on the booking form and we’ll get in contact with you beforehand if we have time to slot you in.
    Find out what else is coming up in the way of workshops, jobs and opportunities. Your chance to make any announcements yourself about anything happening in your world.

NB: The order of the sessions may not be in the order written above.  Please touch base with us closer to the time for an exact schedule of presentations if this is important to you.

If you want to know more about this workshops or other Active Canterbury workshops please email info@catchfitness.co.nz or call 0800 000 929 or head to www.catchfitness.co.nz.

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What to bring and expect from our workshops

What to bring to our workshops

Apart from anything specifically mentioned in the workshop description:-

  1. Map of where to go if you are not familiar with the area.
  2. Broni’s phone number 027 276 6462 so you can call or text her if you get lost.
  3. Food and water –  If in doubt as to whether we are supplying snacks/lunch, drink etc please bring muesli bars, fruit, water and/or whatever else you would like to have on the day.  For the comfort of others we suggest steering clear of smelly foods like tuna and eggs.
  4. Towel – If it includes a practical.
  5. Equipment – if we specifically mention that you are required to otherwise you are safe to assume that we will be supplying enough for everyone.
  6. Pen and paper to take notes.

What to expect

  1. Workshops are often fast moving physically, mentally or both!.  A big night beforehand is not the best prep for getting the most out of these sessions.  If you are not feeling quite up to speed be sure to steer clear of the physical aspects especially if they involve partner work.
  2. We can’t always control the temperature, air flow etc.  Please bring clothing to suit all possibilities.
  3. We do not always supply traditional seating i.e. for some sessions we sit on the floor, swiss balls, steps etc.  You are more than welcome to stand when others sit if you like and we’re more than happy to try and find you a seat to meet your needs if need be.


  1. Cellphones: Please turn on to silent.
  2. Late arrivals: We don’t mind if you arrive late but please  sign in.  If a practical session has started for safety reasons please do not join in or interrupt the presenter or the other attendees until there is formal break.
  3. Leaving early: No worries if you have to leave early but please complete a feedback form before you leave.


Completing both of the forms below is essential for us to obtain funding for future workshops, decide on future topics and make improvements.

  1. At every workshop – a short on the day feedback form.
  2. Every 12 months we will also ask you to complete an online survey.
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