Here’s a bunch of unedited comments said about the Active Canterbury workshops Catch Fitness delivered.

  1. Very well facilitated session
  2. This workshop was one of the best Catch Fitness ones I have been to
  3. It was so good to discuss technique in the exercises we teach.
  4. Thanks so much for the opportunity to have these amazing sessions! It is always enlightening and I leave feeling energized and ready to take on the next challenge. 🙂
  5. Love these workshops and how lucky are we that they are free. Thanks for organising guys makes upskilling so easy. 👍
  6. Thank you for the great session once again
  7. I love that it’s free, so so good!
  8. Thanks
  9. Thank’s for another brilliant session. Appreciate your work in bringing these to trainers.
  10. Great job as always- thankyou 🙂
  11. Great presentation – so welcoming and friendly and great info and ideas as always
  12. Such a great afternoon as always, really informative, welcoming, fun and great new ideas
  13. Always leave these workshops inspired and encouraged. We are soooo priviledged to have them on our doorstep!!!
  14. Keep up the great work 🙂
  15. Always great and worth it. Such a gift to our industry. Appreciate that it is free
  16. Thanks so much for another awesome day! As always extremely helpful and inspiring!!
  17. Love them looking forward to the next one!
  18. I found the workshop fantastic. A fun and relaxed learning afternoon. I love how there is always a mix of topics and usually something for everyone in every topic.
  19. It was extremely beneficial…thankyou
  20. fantastic
  21. Their amazing – can’t think of how they could improve
  22. This one couldn’t as it was a great mixture of ideas,tips and infos about what’s happening in the exercise community and connecting with others.
  23. The many things you can do to bring play into your sessions. The ball session was great
  24. The mix was good. The time was good. I found the sharing session at the end great as well as you learn so much from what other people have done on their journeys to success. The Facebook ‘recipe’ will be in force this week and I’ve already hooked into the Promotional website. LOVE the handy tips!!
  25. The hula hoop lady was brilliant, I’ve never been able to do it, who knew putting one leg forward was the trick.
  26. Everyone in the same room together. Like minded people
  27. Everything 🙂
  28. The great variety.
  29. Great turnout- good to network and meet other instructors. Ideas for promoting classes fb, poster app etc  Used the ball games already as a warm up and will pass on the other activities to our seniors instructor. I love getting ideas that I can use straight away!!
  30. How fun it was
  31. Info on things like the CANVA app. The coherency of the presenters and their professionalism/passion.  The ball/boxing/hulahooping/folkdancing samplings..  Broni’s cartoon resources – I got the picture of the issues they addressed much more easily via such a clever art     And  the valuable networking that goes on at break times!
  32. All of the different sections – lots of variety
  33. Seeing everyone enjoying themselves
  34. Practical application especially the boxing
  35. The working with balls! I am one of those people who normally avoid any Ball sports or drills in my classes but I found it really fun and much less intimidating than I expected! I’ve taken some of the games back to my class who loved them.
  36. Everything
  37. The useful, practical and more sensible way to deliver boxing to clients
  38. Loved all of it, the practical stuff, the interaction, meeting new people.
  39. Everything was great
  40. Diverse, good intro – knew what was happening. Not too many ideas but a great variety. FUN.  Learnt lots from Paul.
  41. Learning new ball games to add into classes. Finding out about Canva. Networking with other fitness professionals.
  42. It was a great day and an excellent course
  43. Awesome job. Love these courses
  44. thanks, and well done again. Really appreciate the support and info that is given to us at these.
  45. Great course, many thanks

Here’s 166 more unedited things people have said when asked “what did you most enjoy about today’s session?”

  1. Lots of new ideas and questions to ask my clients
  2. Group work
  3. Confidence and interaction of Matt. He’s great
  4. Could really relate it back to work
  5. Practical help from experience
  6. Excellent presenter. Valuable resources. LOVED it
  7. It was interactive but did not put people ‘on the spot’
  8. Easy to follow and take away points to do
  9. All the information was useful. I enjoyed talking it through with pairs
  10. Matt was interesting and entertaining learnt a lot. Hope to take lots away to use on my clients
  11. Very beneficial to you area of work. Interactive. Very clear. Great presenter
  12. Knowledge and confidence of speaker. Relevance to our industry. Being able to bring Alya.
  13. We like Friday sessions very much. This is a great day to have it.
  14. Everything
  15. Great presenter and loved all the examples. Gets us thinking
  16. Very practical as well as good scientific case
  17. Matt is a great presenter. He has loads of knowledge. I could listen to him for hours
  18. Reinforcing things I knew but don’t always apply
  19. Inspires me to be the best I can be. Something to deliver to my clients
  20. Practical advice
  21. Good analogies as examples. Reaffirming things we do in our work
  22. Good presenter, I enjoyed the mix of talking and group interaction. Great refresher on ways to encourage individuals and different processes
  23. Linked to little stories was great to give it an image. Lots to think about. Easy to listen too
  24. I loved the information. Very useful, helpful tips that can be implemented straight away
  25. The new ideas and thoughts to take away and apply to my work. Meeting others in the industry
  26. Great presenter. Very engaging
  27. The speaker Matt
  28. Good mix of listening, questioning and small group work. Excellent level of information, superbly presented.
  29. Great presenter. Keen to look at his website
  30. The whole thing
  31. Great presenter.
  32. Matt was an effective presenter. Great analogies and good to familiarize yourself with techniques
  33. Matt was easy to listen too and a great presenter
  34. Relaxed presenter
  35. Enthusiasm and examples
  36. Interactive info based on research which was explained well
  37. Meeting up with others
  38. Loved it really interesting
  39. Mixture of theory and practical. Easy to follow, lots of time for discussion.
  40. The interaction with others and hearing different points of view.
  41. Workout. The Intermittent Fasting really good.
  42. Andrew is knowledgeable, fun and engaging to listen too.
  43. Lots of information, ideas. Thinking differently from before.
  44. All of it. Great revision on what I already knew.
  45. Hands on. Person talking is passionate about his topic.
  46. All of it
  47. Loved listening to Andrew. Awesome
  48. Interactive, Meeting people, Professional, Disscussion.
  49. Practical Part
  50. It was something I knew nothing or limited about.
  51. Putting the physical side into session.
  52. Eating for sports people. Different types of training.
  53. Fasting content and studies quoted.
  54. Intermittent Fasting
  55. Presenter
  56. Seeing what others do differently
  57. Andrews topics were great.
  58. Looking to the left rather than the right.
  59. Group interaction. Breaking up the sessions with the practical
  60. Training / fasting plan
  61. Practical
  62. Discussion
  63. Having something different talked about, so much nutrition is based on no science.
  64. Interaction. Awesome presenting really enjoyed it.
  65. The practical was great
  66. Different views, info to think about
  67. I liked that Andrew the info in a relaxed way, but had research behind it
  68. Really interesting on a topic I love and good validation plus some thing to think about, like being challenged to think differently.
  69. Easy approach in presentation. Easy to understand.
  70. Lots of good ideas, modifications.
  71. The details
  72. Variety of information, practical & talk
  73. Interaction, the whole topic
  74. Great doing practical
  75. Yoga
  76. Feeling the poses, interactive workshops
  77. Entire
  78. All of it
  79. The talking through exercises by Rebecca, gentle exercise touching as well the midwife side of knowledge.
  80. Interactive work shop, really enjoyed it.
  81. Getting to try out the exercises & poses myself
  82. Interactive, learnt lots of helpful & relevant advice.
  83. Knowledge of pre & post pregnancy is significant for my work with woman.
  84. Nutrition presentation.
  85. Variety, different perspectives from different speakers.
  86. Learning new stuff
  87. Listening to Rebecca, she is very passionate about what she does.
  88. Practical and interesting
  89. The different speakers resources
  90. The practical yoga at the start was very helpful. I really found Emma’s talk very interesting
  91. Great information and practical
  92. The practical nature of it
  93. The expertise of Rebecca and the practical aspect
  94. Very interesting topics. Lots of hands on / prqctical with talking. Good mixture of physical and diet.
  95. Everything
  96. Interactive, great instructor. Very dynamic and informative.
  97. Very practical and useful for a gym environment
  98. Practical
  99. The physical work shop
  100. Different Yoga positions for pregnant women. Also do’s and don’ts risk factors.
  101. The practical Yoga was great
  102. All of it was fantastic thanks you
  103. Open and easy to listen
  104. It was all great. Enjoyed the relaxation.
  105. Honesty and how relaxed it was
  106. Cheers Very Cool
  107. Keep them coming.
  108. Great presenter. Thanks it was great.
  109. Thanks Catch Fitness Active Canterbury. Great session.
  110. excellent not boring. Great course,
  111. Thanks so much the practical sure was brilliant, as well as the presentation.
  112. Good interactive presentation.
  113. Great workshop to get us all thinking.
  114. Really enjoyed and always looking for new ideas.
  115. Fantastic information that I didn’t know how else I would find out about without a long course
  116. It was fun and learnt to do things I didn’t think I could do
  117. Both but really enjoyed the hip hop
  118. Great fun – excellent moves
  119. Relax and Dance
  120. The energy love dancing, music meeting people and getting new ideas
  121. Hip hop routine  and presenter was fantastic
  122. I loved learning ways to move my body in different ways
  123. Different flow of movements
  124. Everyone’s energy
  125. Fun and interactive
  126. Many new ideas for my classes
  127. I loved the way the instructors gelled the class together I can adapt some skills ive learnt for my own classes
  128. I would like to start a new class like this one
  129. Fun movements nicely broken down
  130. Free Involves interaction with others in the industry
  131. Great size and excellent atmosphere
  132. Great session full of information to take in and great ideas to help
  133. Meeting new people, lots of information
  134. Interaction
  135. Great to get some tips not only for starting a walking group but I now have some more ideas to grow my existing classes
  136. Just hearing experiences and how to go about setting up – also council help
    It was great to put a different perspective on my way of thinking and to get different ideas
  137. Friendly workshop and very informative. Very interesting and informative. Fascinating topic.
  138. Learning about the hype beyond shoes, being given insight on what barefoot running is all about and how it can be misleading.
  139. Having no right or wrong answers. We are all different. Myth busting. Honesty 🙂
  140. Busted apart some myths for me around shoes. I will look at how I purchase shoes very differently now.
  141. Nick is really easy to understand – makes it interesting.
  142. The physical aspects were very useful. Doing foot exercises. Practical exercises. Interesting activities.
  143. I was impressed with Nick talking at times about the whole kinetic chain, not just foot issues.
  144. The whole thing. Nick was fantastic. Loved it all. The presenter/ his style. Nick’s presentation with wider view of foot issues. Great presenter. Most interesting. Was different and educational.
  145. Getting answers for some aches and pains from clients.
  146. Good audio-visual with interesting topic. The foot presentation. Learning about the different apps.
  147. Group discussion, Sharing ideas
  148. Positive and realistic examples
  149. The presenters
  150. Honestly it was all useful.
  151. Just listening and soaking up all of the ideas
  152. The guest speaker was great too.
  153. Learning lots and having fun
  154. All of it.
  155.  Ideas to follow up
  156. Everything
  157. Great size group
  158. The energy and enthusiasm of the delivery of content.
  159. Very informative and fun.
  160. Throwing ideas around
  161. Good educational variety at a good learning level. Lots of take aways.
  162. The presenter is amazing, always puts people at ease.
  163. Lovely presenters. Very easy to understand, approachable.
  164. The nutrition tips (easy to pass on to clients). Understanding that all clients come from a different mental state and we need to understand that and try to work around it.
  165. The fact it was in the evening. Great location, comfortable and relaxed.
  166. New ways of thinking toward dealing with clients and they mental needs