Station Stops
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Box of Birds
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Kris Tynan’s Choreo

Spice Up Your Life – aerobics
Perla Bucknell – Shakti mats
Music Licensing Laws
Health and Safety

Walking in Their Shoes
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Cate Grace’s notes
Bronwyn Adam-Hooper’s notes

Play Date Day
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Hilary’s notes

Pelvic Floor and Post Natal Notes
Vicky Zumbraegal Power point
Marketing Your Specialist Services – Broni McSweeney
Bridge – Free Pelvic Floor Booklet
Fiona Ross’s Video

Motivational Toolbox: 
Matt Williamson – Current Me – Future me.
att’s website – Exercise for change.

Rolfing Guest Presentation
Tom Shand’s Rolfing handout

Exercise, Nutrition and Wellbeing Workshop
Frances Young
Good Mood Foods

Dr Nick Kimber
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Mental Health seminar

Essentials when working with Seniors– Andy Hearn

Pre and Post Natal Workshops Notes

Emma Jeffs – Dietician – handed out on day.
Kate Bonner – Physiotherapist – Power point notes
Rebecca Boot – Yoga Instructor/midwife/registered nurse – Yoga exercise pictures and notes below.  Click on and then enlarge to read.  Can also be downloaded but may not print well.
Yoga 2Scan0145Scan0146Scan0147 (1)Scan0148Scan0149Scan0150Scan0151Scan0152Scan0153Scan0154


High Intensity Interval Training HIIT PPT PDF click here.  HIIT PPT slide show click here.

Intermittent Fasting (Please note, this was not an Active Canterbury Workshop)Fasting PPT PDF click here  or for the Fasting Slide Show – Click here.

Some resources from Active Canterbury Network Catch Fitness Workshops pre 2014

  1. Painful Conditions
  2. Menopause Workshop 
  3. Seniors/Fall Prevention 
  4. Summay from attendee on 1) Techniques,  2) Helping the Injured and 3) Group Fitness workshops 
  5. Starting out in the PT industry 
  6. Bowel Health Notes

Bonus:Free Articles to help keep your clients and members on track this Christmas from one of our regular presenters Kris Tynan.

Christmas Rules for Alcohol (2)

Christmas Rules Generally

Painful Conditions

Presenters: Dr John Lyftogt and Fitness New Zealand Up and Coming Personal Trainer Award Winner, Cate Grace.

Reviews: 100% of feedback rated these as ‘extremely useful’ sessions. 

Click here – Rheumatoid Arthritis for notes by Cate Grace and to read a little more about what Dr John Lyftogt was talking to us about, click here on the day:- Neural Prolotherapy


Presenter Di McCauley.

The text in these notes is from the slides so they are no-where  as pretty as the slides themselves but hopefully they are nevertheless very useful = Menopause power point – text from slides

The book: Di’s book contains a wealth of other information, (and lots that is not in the power point).  All attendees received a copy for FREE of this book.

 If you’d like to buy the e-book just email

The Stats!

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100% of attendees found this session was useful.

93.3% said other activity providers would definitely have found the session beneficial:-)

What else people said

” Di’s knowledge was great. Most helpful in understanding the hormonal differences and info to follow up on”. Barb

“a really good workshop, lots of detail, & explained with clarity” Janet

“Very informative from a speaker her really knew her stuff” LJ

Seniors/Fall Prevention Workshop May 21st 2011

Notes from  this session:-

  1. Andy Hearn’s Power Point – 5 key issues to consider with Seniors
  2. ACC Falls.Summary.Guide (1)
  3. Fitness Testing & other Ideas for Fall prevention and seniors 2011
  4. Warm Ups (general)
  5. Seniors Example Newsletter For Activity Providers February – March Newsletter 2011
  6. Kirsten Roydhouse May_20_&_21_summary– An overview of this session and three other sessions.

Note also the Seniors session from 2012 – click here to view ppt.Essentials when working with Seniors

Techniques Training, Helping the Injured and 52 Weeks

Kirsten Roydhouse May_20_&_21_summary – click here for an overview of these sessions

Getting Started for Personal Trainers

1. Target and Leads Excel Workbook

For self employed personal trainers and group fitness instructors. Set targets, lay out achievable steps and evaluate your progress for a two month period.

2. Idea Development Workbook

This template is to assist people in coming up with and implementing their good ideas.

3. !Starter Guide Expenses Template

Allows you to fill in your own figures to determine your business expenses, personal expenses and start up costs.

4. Fitness Club Spreadsheet

This template calculates the forward cash-flow of a fitness business based on the constraints and values entered by the user.  Variables include staff costs, lease costs (including any rent free periods), sales (with an allowance for higher initial sales), retention rate, pricing, staffing levels, costs of borrowing, initial set up costs etc.  Click here to view this resource.

5. “Your Guide to starting out in Fitness”

Lots of super useful information to help you get started in the fitness industry great industry as a Personal Trainer or Gym Instructor.




















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