Fitness tests. The future of your success.

Midnight tonight marks the end of this year’s fitness testing window and any tests done after that cannot be officially considered by our judges.

We provide four week windows for fitness testing at the start and end of the Challenge in the hope that it allows:-

a) you time to do a range of tests that might otherwise be impossible to do on one day or in one session and we love a range of tests because as you all now know, this game is not determined by something as basic as your weight on the bathroom scales or a set of before and after pics,

b) so that if you’re not feeling a 100% one day you can do the tests on another day. This is super important to ensure trainers and you get a true picture of how well or not you are actually doing, and

c) so you can fit them around work, kids, partners and everything else life throws at you.

We have ranted on about tests being crucial to your success for long enough this Challenge for you all to appreciate this next piece of advice.

In this week 21 you really need to be booking in your next fitness tests to take place in the next 6 -12 weeks and deciding what you will be testing for i.e. what’s important to you.

Apart from providing important ongoing info to your PTs, this should help keep you on track. If however you doubt having testing dates will keep you on track and motivated to train for them then up the ante by layering those tests with a few more ‘hard to get out of’ conditions.

Those hard to get out of conditions could include getting together with a bunch of buddies to do the tests or have bets on who will achieve their goals or get closest to them. Maybe you pre-pay for the tests with your trainer or maybe you incorporate them into a series of events like races or trips that demand your fitness to be of a certain, trained for level.

Feel free to add a layer by going public and putting your next testing dates below 😉