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1. Broni Mac Signature Talks

1. Successful ‘Biggest Loser’ Challenges
For personal trainers and club management
1 hr.
If you run Biggest Loser/Transformation type challenges then this is the workshop for you. Get ideas on what works and what doesn’t.  Based on the feedback of some 2000 Challenge entrants.  Click here to read the feedback from this session when it was delivered at FitEx Conference.  

2. Successful Group Training
For instructors of bootcamps and circuit style classes
1. 5 hours
This session includes the subtle elements that will ensure high retention, plentiful referrals and great results.  Principles are used by successful team leaders with companies, sport teams and the armed forces, there’s no need to change your training methodology, no need to ask for referrals or to push sales. Simply pick and choose from an array of simple ingredients to this tried and tested recipe and layer them on to what you already do. Click here to read the feedback from this session.

3. Successful PT Products $5 to $5000
For personal trainers
45 minutes If you ever found yourself compromising on price, doing more than what you’re getting paid for or resenting working hard for so little dosh this is the session for you. Create products and services that will quickly and easily meet your clients’s financial situation and ensure money will never again be their excuse for not employing you but which will also allow you to offer top end services that you’ve only ever dreamed about. An interactive session that works well with talk no.6  ‘What’s The Big Idea’.Best combined with no.7 ‘What’s the Big Idea’

4. Successful Clients
For personal trainers and coaches primarily but group fitties can benefit from.
2 hours
Simple tools to ensure you get top notch results, each and every session. Have clients/athletes hone their focus and put in their best performance consistently and empower them to use these tools in all areas of their life.

5. Successful Ideas
For PTs and group fitness instructors
1. 5 hours
Ideas to excite and motivate instructors.  The world is your oyster and the opportunities are endless but if you’re struggling to see them, run with them or make them financially viable then this is the session for you.

Following talks and packages not available again until July 2018

1. Touching Your Toes and Beyond
For seniors

1 hour
An entertaining and lighthearted look at how to stay flexible in body and mind. Grow older and feel younger is the theme for this one that has been presented to U3A and Probus.

2.  Dancing on a Tight Wire 
For busy staff

30 minutes 
For workplaces looking for unique and effective wellness ideas. A lighthearted look at how your staff can turn their place into a happier, healthier one. 

3. Maximising Muscle Gains
For Personal Trainers
2.5 hours
Click here to view considered points: MAX MUSCLE GAINS

4. WOW!
For fitness clubs
A 6 month program to motivate fitness club staff to do loads of great things around the club, for your members, for other staff members and themselves.  

2. Fees

$250 for the first hour, or part there-of, and $175 per hour there-after.  Prices include GST.

3. Feedback about Broni Mac's talks
4. The Challenge Chic Resources

Do you want to run successful health and fitness challenges?

  • Drop a jean size and weight loss type challenges.
  • Get stronger, fitter and healthier challenges.
  • Adventure more, sleep more, meditate more challenges.
  • Running, cycling or rowing challenges.
  • 12 hour, 12 day, 12 weeks or 12 month challenges.
  • Challenges for seniors, men over 100 kg, pregnant women, menopausal women, teenagers, marathon runners, tennis players, surfers, dancers, people with arthritis, diabetes, injuries or illness.

Find out how with the resources at

100s of ideas. Discover the biggest benefits to running challenges. Plus, how to match your brand and beliefs to the challenges you create, or jump on board with, how to market them, gain sponsorship and prizes, what to charge and what to deliver.