Injured clients.  Keeping them in the game.

After a horrific accident, Karryn defied the odds last year by nailing out a 152 km bike ride from Christchurch to Hanmer Springs as part of her 20 Week Challenge goal.

Her physio said she must have pushed through a lot of pain in her training to be able to do the rides she did.

She won our Rocking the Recovery Award last year and went on to set herself the goal of running a marathon which she just did.

Getting an injury can be so massively debilitating for clients and I’ve seen many spiral downwards after them.

Keeping injured clients in the game, excited about the future, re-setting their goals, changing their training and celebrating a new variety of wins, I think, becomes essential for their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

To support PTs to support injured clients we added in the Rocking the Recovery category to our 20 Week Challenge a few years ago.

Each year it brings me to tears to see what these people achieve, the awesome role their trainers play and the support the other entrants offer up.

Last year one guy saw a physio every week, as well as his PT, to work on an injured shoulder he’d had for 5 years..and guess what…it came good…that’s life changing.

We’ve had over 100 people in this category – enough to write a book on but since that may take a while the immediate take-away here for you now is the idea that you could run a ‘Recovery Challenge’ at your gym or as part of your business.

Incorporate local health and fitness affiliates, mental conditioning coaches and anyone else who you think can help on that journey and let the members at the gym/business vote on the winner.

And/or join us next year and help train your injured clients and maybe a few new ones on our 20 Week Challenge. Just register your interest here

Karryn is trained by the award winning PT Kate Lugtigheid