We’ve made some huge and exciting changes to the 20 Week Challenge for 2017.  As a fringe benefit these changes will iron out a few issues PTs and entrants have been having as well as reducing the time PTs need to put into the challenge behind the scenes.

Below is a summary of those changes for PTs who have been involved in the challenge in the past. PTs not familiar with the 20 Week Challenge but keen to get involved in this one are best to bypass  all the info below and click here to go straight to the trainers website.

Many of the changes can still be sculpted until the end of the month so if you’re keen to add your input please email me or text me anytime +64 (0) 27 2766462 and I’ll call you back as soon as.

In 2017, for the first time ever PTs will be saved from having to write up a report for every one of their client entrants, something I’ve been requested to do by the majority of PTs since day 1 of the challenge! With a number of trainers having 30 plus and up to 64 entrants this will be a huge time saver for many.

For new PTs and clubs keen to take on the challenge the report writing and testing process will now be less daunting with the help of Testing Guidelines, a template for each category and no need to format results or send us hard copies.

So how will it roll?  Testing Templates and Guidelines are released on April 2nd, for every category. Both PTs and entrants will have access to these although it is the entrants who will be encouraged to take these templates to their PTs on testing days and to write on it their own results.   The entrants themselves will then submit their own results via an online form at the end of the Challenge.  PTs can also be issued a copy of all their entrant’s results and will still have the opportunity to submit individual comments on line about any entrant should they wish to.

Traditionally we have featured the profiles of PTs involved in the 20 Week Challenge on our own website but as we move into the global arena I recognize more than ever that we are duplicating existing platforms that REPs and other ICREP member bodies have. Accordingly, we will be referring all entrants to those websites to find their PT.

Saying that, I would strongly suggest that PTs who have a history with the 20 Week Challenges and are aware of the business it can bring in to them or who are keen to now be part of the Challenge is to as soon as possible:-

a) head to the REPs site and update your profiles,  and
b)write into the first line of your profile your connections with the Challenge as this immediately shows up, without entrants having to click through to the full profile of a PT.  This will serve as a great ‘flag’ to attract the entrants to YOU and YOUR story quickly and easily.   It might be for example that you mention you have trained 100 entrants, or won PT of the Series, or had a finalist last year or just that you’re excited to be part of it all and have a great deal going for anyone that joins you.

If you want to know what was written on our site about you simply click here to view.

Excitingly PTs and their entrants can now choose how they wish to celebrate the end of the Challenge and the successes of their clients.

For years trainers have put in requests for alternatives to the Christchurch Award’s night particularly as the Challenge extended across NZ. Accordingly, we will now announce winners of different categories each night online on a Catch Fitness Channel at 7.30 pm NZ time from Sunday 22nd October to Saturday October 28th.    On the final Saturday night we will announce our Overall Entrant Award as well as the winners of the cash prizes.

You and your team will be about to watch the Awards from anywhere you can get internet coverage and as such dictate the flavor of your event whether it’s a 5 Star affair on the final Saturday night or a BBQ on the Sunday night we kick off Awards or a picnic on the top of a mountain the day after they’ve all been announced – and in fact even if you choose not to do anything or if entrants are unable to get to an event they will still be able to watch it.

Due to the challenge growing across all of NZ and now has the potential to grow across the oceans it is a lot harder to offer prizes via our fabulous 64 sponsors. Accordingly, we are mostly shifting to cash prizes made up of a minimum of 10% of the entry fees. The secret squirrel plan is to push that up to 30% on entries over 500 and to 50% on entries over 1000 – so fingers crossed that results in a impressive prize pool (yes I have a huge figure in mind!) but there’s certainly no guarantee at his stage. All category winners will go in the draw to win the cash prizes and while all winners may not receive a cash prize, all will still receive an Awards certificate.



  1. Another category has been added (there are now 13 to choose from) called ‘Upskill Me’ and is for entrants who are keen to see how good they can get at a new sport or activity over 20 weeks. Maybe they take up diving or tennis or climbing or line dancing, whatever really, providing they’ve only done it a few times before then they can enter this one and record and submit their own results.
  2. Two optional extra categories have emerged – Pets and Peeps – for those keen to train with their pets while they chase their categories as well Workplace Angels – for those keen to make their workplace life healthier.
  3. The Ultra Cardiovascular category now includes Ultra anything i.e. not just cardio-vascular, but it is still reserved for the super fit who are chasing PBs or attempts as harder events in their field.
  4. To summarize there are now,
  • 13 core categories from which entrants choose 2 from.
  • 3 additional categories that everyone can be considered in should they wish to be, and
  • 9 optional extra categories.



A huge thanks to our wonderful PTs who have promoted the challenge so well in the past and in particular to those that we upgraded to the ‘sales team’ but apologies, in 2017 we are unable to pay commissions/wages to PTs training entrants on the challenge.

Current 20 Week Challenge PTs are however more than welcome to charge other PTs for any clients that they send their way and we encourage receiving PTs to offer a thank you amount, should they be the lucky recipient.  We understand PTs are currently asking for $50 on such occasions but there is no right or wrong here.

2017 Sales Staff: Ex-PTs of the challenge and others who wish to earn commission are more than welcome to email us about commission opportunities.

Catch Fitness will send out the weekly supportive material to all the entrants in 2017 instead of it having to go through the PTs – again saving the PTs lots of work.

Rest assured the content will be ‘safer’ than ever as in we will still not be promoting extremities or particular training methods, or diets, we will always refer entrants back to PTs for clarification and to follow their PTs lead if there are any discrepancies but you can add to all those positives now there will now no longer be any or very little advertising in any of the Chapters.

PTs who are training entrants on the 20 Week Challenge™ can also enter the challenge at no cost and while they won’t be competing against the other entrants they will be competing against other. Other than honor there are no ‘prizes’ for the PT winner.  PTs will however have to train with another PT every four weeks and a minimum of 5 times just like the entrants do.

The change is because of the number of PTs that sign up but then don’t get across the finish line and my thoughts are that PTs may fall in to same situation as many of the entrants and need to in fact have their own PT to help keep them on track plus it’s a neat excuse to train with another trainer, which is good up-skilling.  Those in rural areas where no other registered PTs exist should contact me for options.


My whole philosophy with the 20 Week Challenge is about the effectiveness of face to face personal training, individualized in as many ways as possible and to be using qualified trainers to do that, alongside other health professionals where possible. Technology has come along way though and soon I think the quality of service and ease with which PTs can provide online services, in a way that appeals to me, may make this more of an option.

At this stage I am looking for just three trainers  who we will announce as Global PTs for entrants who do not have access to a registered PT within a 20km radius of where they live or work.

If PTs are interested in offering online training through the 20 Week Challenge they will need to be able to show 1) a proven history of having trained people online, 2) that they are familiar with using online video/live stream portals for training purposes, and 3) most importantly be able to seamlessly organize fitness testing to meet our criteria from afar. Any application to us should in the first instance advise me of how you would conduct the fitness testing to match our requirements.


For entrants entering the following categories, they will need to set up a Facebook page or group and post their pics/videos and stories on it.  They can keep the page private and at the end of the challenge share it with our judges or they can make it public from the outset so the whole world cheer them on.

  • ADVENTURERS – One of the 13 categories

as well as for these select OPTIONAL EXTRA CATEGORIES

  • Best Buddies
  • Couples
  • Pets and Peeps
  • Team Challenge
  • Workplace Angel