Below are details of lots of great causes that we encourage you to get involved with.

NZ Spinal Trust


We are super proud to support this Trust by twice yearly, selling tickets to a gift hamper where all monies raised go to “The NZ Spinal Trust”

We’d welcome any gifts for the hamper which could include things relevant to your business, discount vouchers etc or it could be something like a shirt you bought but never wear, a bottle of wine you were given but will never drink, a good book that you’ve already read – anything and everything would be appreciated!

The NZ Spinal Unit does some amazing work for people who are trying to put their lives back together after shattering accidents and illnesses which render them paralysed. Not unlike the 20 week competition they do everything they can to encourage their members to be the best they can be and we are very proud to be supporting them in this small way. .

If you’d like to add something to our bi-yearly hamper please drop anything off or send to our offices at Elite Fitness, 155 Montreal Street, Christchurch.

If you’d like to purchase tickets for the hamper just send an email to info@catchfitness and we will organize it for you.



Be part of a wonderful youth mentoring programme.  For more info check out

What a win win!


If you are or have been a trainer on the 20 Weeks Body & Lifestyle Competition you can now order yummy, healthy,  “Em’s Power Bites” at wholesale price and $1 from each bag will go to help subsidize testing to ascertain the risk levels of individuals to cardiovascular disease. As an added plus you will be able to buy the B

ites at wholesale as well as her cookie range, until February 28th, 2011.

Please email us here at Catch for the promo code to use when ordering.

Cardiovascular disease (heart, stroke & blood vessel disease) is the single leading cause of death in New Zealand. It causes 40 percent of all deaths annually in our country – making it more deadly than all forms of cancer. Many of these deaths are premature and preventable.

Em Miazga is the creative director and owner of Em’s Power Cookies.  She holds a Master’s degree in Dietetics and Nutrition and has won the Speights  Coast to Coast  Longest Day three times!  She sponsors numerous events inclusive of our Cardiovascular category to the 20 Week Body & Lifestyle Competition.  It was pursuant to this that Emily offered to help us raise money for this good causes.  Thanks Em.


In 2009 Riwai Grace and his family (who were entrants in the 20Weeks comp season 4) raised $1500 for the Heart Foundation by being Heart Racers and competing the City2Surf.   Riwai Grace has run the event in a Pink Tutu – and a Green Tutu to promote moving forward to a healthier heart! His wife Cate ( a personal trainer) pushed her 84yr old nana, Ngaire, in a wheelchair. Ngaire suffered a stroke in 2002 and didn’t want to miss out on all the fun!

This year Tutu Man had organised for 99 Tutettes to join him in the City to Surf in an effort to raise even more money for The Heart Foundation.  Due to the Earthquake the City to Surf was however cancelled.

You can support Tutu man via his Facebook site.







Please give generously to a charity that is close to our hearts – More guide dog puppies = more guide dogs.  Make a donation at


Divine Mercy is a primary school in Uganda of some 160 pupils, about 30% are classified as ‘vulnerable’ which basically means they are unable to pay their fees.

In 2007 with the kind support of many of their friends and family members Kris Tynan and Tim Webster funded the construction of a new dorm and classroom, painted the school and filled in the holes in the classroom floors, supplied desks and benches, and bought sufficient textbooks for there to be at least one between 2 or 3 pupils.

In 2009  they collected around 4 cubic metres of second hand children’s books in NZ and shipped them to the school.

In 2010, they repainted and make good repairs to the classrooms again, complete another new dorm and supply beds for it and the big project; set up a farm of pigs, chickens and crops so that they can make some money and be more self sufficient.

If would like to donate to this worthy cause please click here

100% of the monies raised go to these children.