true gritCould your business do with an app?  Or a mobile friendly website?

True grit. JPGThe New York Times has labelled mobile marketing the most powerful media ever invented—more powerful than e-mail, newspaper, direct mail, and television ads combined.

One of our sponsors, multi-award winning hair salon True Grit, recently showed us their new app and we were impressed. It’s clean, simple, is easy to use, visually appealing and something any fitness club or PT could easily have. We immediately wondered why we didn’t have one.

True Grit owner Jacqui Victor handed over her app designer’s details – Elizabeth Mary Limited.  On her site you can order a mock-up of your own website and if you like what you see, order the full app for about $1500 and $60 a month thereafter.

So LESSON no.1 from our True Grit visit – apps are no longer reserved for tech geeks and those at the top of the food chain.  They are accessible to us all, both on a technical and a financial level and what equals a mobile friendly website is no longer a site that simply fits on to a smart phone.

Lesson no.2
True Grit have a range of stylists with a range of prices, from trainees doing free cuts right up to their Master Stylists.  Prices change based upon experience, awards, as well as what you’re actually having done.

true grit 2I just love that a company, especially one like True Grit , known for being at the top of its game, has entry level experiences which benefit everyone – staff and customers. Owner Jacqui has won awards for how she supports her staff, so it’s little wonder we found this winning system at her place.

On top of that, you can easily change stylists by choosing a different time and day. I know PTs love building up their own loyal client base (as do stylists no doubt)  but I’m not sure that meets what the customer wants or what indeed results in the best possible retention levels for a business.

There’s got to be something in all this True Grit experience for clubs. A system where members and clients use an online timetable similar to the True Grit app one and easily book in for different sessions, with different people, selecting from what is like a menu at a restaurant.

Who am I kidding – these systems have been rolled out in clubs, but not many.  Slightly more challenging and exciting, is brainstorming ways standalone PTs can get creative with this idea, with their own services and those of other PTs and health and fitness professionals!

Examples of what could be on your online booking form.

  • 9.30am Monday: PT Fred: 30 minute leg strength session -$40
  • 9.30am Tuesday Podiatrist Kate: 25 minute assessment for runners: $20
  • 10.00am Tuesday Podiatrist Kate: 25 minute assessment for runners: $20
  • 12pm Wednesday: Jo: New PT : 10 minute warm up – $0
  • 12.15pm Wednesday: Jo: New PT : 10 minute warm up – $0
  • 12.30 pm Wednesday: Jo: New PT : 10 minute warm up – $0
  • 1pm Wednesday: Jo: New PT : 15 minute cardio session – $0
  • 1pm Thursday: Marc: 15 minute: Fitness testing – $20
  • 3pm Friday: Mary: 15 minute: One-to-one PNF – $15

hair clipTRUE GRIT lesson no.3 – these hair clip things are not good for your hair.  Who knew?  We have put them in a box with other things that are not good for us

Check out the True Grit app from the App store.

Ask for a mock-up of your website here.


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