Nutritional beliefs around foods have continued to change over this last year although it’s food mix picprobably more correct to say that some dissenting ideas have received ‘mainstream’ approval thanks to research, public pressure and social media.

While some may now think we have ‘arrived’ and can confidently give sound and solid nutritional advice from hereon or at least on certain issues,  the reality is probably that the excitement has just begun.

follow your heartAs the doors of technology and communication swing wide open maybe other commonly held beliefs will soon be thrown out in to the cold.  Imagine if we discover that lots of small meals a day isn’t the way to go or that carbs after 5 pm is helpful for people with insomnia. Maybe it’s okay to skip breakfast if you’re fit and that losing truck loads more than 500 g of weight a week is fine if you have more than 40% body-fat or have a high muscle mass or something.  Fasting could be okay and juicing not and by crikey – maybe even that  ‘wacky’ eating according to blood type ends up having some scientific basis.  Who knows? Certainly not me – nutrition is not my world.   I’m just hitting on current beliefs that I hear at parties.  Personally, I’m hoping we discover that it’s actually really easy to provide everyone in this world clean water and lots of great food – or do we already know that and we’re just not doing it??

Similarly,  the fitness industry has changed but maybe not as fast as it could have and again thanks to research and the ease of global communication the rate of change will only increase and my prediction is that in 5 years’ time we won’t recognize it.

follow your heartSo without boring you with the specifics of what I see are the next big waves in these exercise and nutrition worlds,  the advice I am giving myself is to be okay with the current answers not being THE answers. That they aren’t even always the best ones that are currently available for us to use but that we have to run with what we each know, search out the latest information when we get the chance or at the very least, not shoot down those who are reaching for it, inclusive of ourselves i.e. if our intuition is pushing us in an ‘unusual’ way with an exercise or a piece of equipment,  to follow that inner voice a little – back ourselves a bit and then do some research around where it’s taking us. Let’s also remind ourselves that just because a billion people are doing something or some big health chain is doing it, that doesn’t make it right, it just makes it harder.  Let’s take a bit more of ‘never say never’ approach and in that respect to know it’s okay to be ‘wrong’, to change our minds and to change our focus.

Here’s to an EPICally fun 2015 full of lots of great changes.

in pursuit of perfection