These resources are available for you to use to promote yourself as a 20 Week Challenge personal trainer providing you have registered with us here.

For trainers who have done at least one Challenge please contact us if you would like us to print you out any of the resources free of charge.

1. Posters

These A4 posters for hard copy printing out as well as attaching to emails or uploading on to your website. You can also put your name, logo and/or contact details on them.

TIPS on where to posters: Put hard copies in locations where people already know you – for example the workplace or sports club of a client or friend i.e. ‘quality’ locations where people can verify that you have some connection with them or their friend, family member etc and as such where people are more likely to point it out to others.

Great Catch Fitness Crew etiquette is to double check with the owner/manager that they are okay with you putting it up. Consider offering ‘thank you’ discounts on a PT session or on an entry, as a trade for helping you out (talk to us if need be about getting one for this purpose) and always re-visit locations to thank them again and to take the posters down once entries for the 20 Week Challenge close (May 20th.)

Ideas on how to put your details on your poster 

1) Print the posters out and then write your details directly on to them or stick your business cards on them.

2) Use a graphics person like or to do something similar to the one on the left.

3) Save the poster as a jpeg and either insert into a word document and type around it and put text boxes on top of – or open it in your ‘paint’ programme and type on to it that way.

2. Website examples

3. Facebook and Twitter

Invite people to train with you for the 20 Week Challenge via Facebook.
Check out our Catch Fitness 20 Week Facebook posts regularly for ones that are great to share. ‘Liking’ our posts as your business is also a good idea to help people find out about you too.

4. Use our logo

For a copy of our logo to put on your marketing material just click here.

5. Mini Brochures

Print these double sided mini business card sized brochures and reap the benefits by ensuring your name or a code specific to you appears on each one so when people register they mention you and we can refer them back to you for their training.

Attach them to your posters, hand out at talks, use for letter-box drops or leave at local businesses. Three to choose from – all pictures are of 20 Week Challenge entrants.

Template 1Mini Brochure with testimonials on back

Template 2Mini Brochure with before and afters pictures on the back.

Back of card 2012

Template 3 – A three sided paneled little brochure, new in 2015, that you’ll need to fold once printed.
1) Professional printers will use this copy = 20Weeks-bc-2015 1 per page
2) For printing out at home here is an a4 double sided copy that you will need to ‘flip on short edge’ = 20Weeks-bc-2-up

lisa business 12th dec sides 1 2 lisa business 3 4

6. Package Ideas - What Dwayne did

Dwayne Thomas was a PT on the challenge several times before the Earthquake bought his business to an end. He’d also won the Catch Fitness PT Award three times.

Below is an example of his 20 weeks package. While everything that he includes in here may not gel with you it’ll certainly give you a few ideas. The cover page he uses pics of his previous clients – he obviously didn’t have this first time around but he used all the material we had as above. 20 week comp Plan 2011 (1)

7. Use our pop up stands at your club or next event

Bring attention to yourself at expos and events with our 7ft tall pop up banners that help promote you as a trainer on the 20 Week Challenge.

We’ll even send them to you free of charge. Just email us to book.

8. Put a promo video on your website

Videos are one of the most successful marketing tools you can use.

On the home page of our 20 Weeks site there is a video of Tracey. It doesn’t mention a particular PT or Gym so it fits in well for anyone who wants to market themselves as a PT on 20 Weeks.

You can upload this video on to your own website using this HTML code:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

9. Using cool stories from our website

You can  print off any page or stories you like from the 20 Week Challenge website and pass them on to clients and/or include in your own marketing material providing it’s evident they were not your personal clients that’s all okay.

There are tons of testimonials and there are great graphs from our yearly entrant feedback forms. Click on the pics to enlarge, save and re-use. More available here.

10. Gift/Prize Voucher Postcards

Use these vouchers to add your own ‘gift’ to i.e. something you don’t mind giving away to entice people to join up with you as their trainer for the 20 Week Challenge. It might be something like for example – 20 Saturday morning walks for $x or a 50% off massage with a local business that you have a working relationship with or anything else you like.

Cut off date for people to validate these is March 27th 2015 (i.e. the early-bird cut off date) which will help give you to better plan ahead. Just be sure to put your name down where it asks for a promo code so we know who to refer entrants back to.

The examples are essentially the same but some printers like to use the one with the bleed lines.

2015 BC Voucher ONE
2015 BC Voucher two