8 Useful links for facilities

  1. Fitness club spreadsheet. Calculates the forward cash-flow of a fitness business based on the constraints and values entered by the user.  Variables include staff costs, lease costs (including any rent free periods), sales (with an allowance for higher initial sales), retention rate, pricing, staffing levels, costs of borrowing, initial set up costs etc.
  2. Feedback form for members. An easy way to get lots of useful information from past and present members inclusive of if they are thinking of leaving in the next 6 months and why.
  3. Useful Templates. If you are REPs registered you have access to casual sign in forms, diaries, reminder cards, signs for your facility, posters for your PTs and a whole wad more.  Email info@reps.org.nz for the details.
  4. Suppliers. Whether you are looking for equipment, IT or marketing people, it’s worth checking out the list of preferred Fitness New Zealand suppliers first.
  5. Industry Support. Fitness New Zealand is a non-profit organisation who’s members constitute about 85% of the fitness industry.  Their aim is to get more people active by using exercise facilities. They also organize events like Business Grow, FitEx and the Fitness New Zealand Awards.
  6. Club Fitness Challenge.   Designed to attract new members and build retention with minimal effort from club owners. Delivered by your Personal Trainers it also includes lots of PT great support that will help grow their business as well as yours. For more info email info@catchfitness.co.nz or phone 0800 000 929.
  7. Jobs.  Use this national Facebook site if you are looking for new staff, wanting to sell equipment or encourage other fitness professionals to visit your facility. One specifically for Canterbury can be found here and a national website for our industry can be found here http://www.fitnz.co.nz/
  8. Workshops – check our list of free Canterbury workshops, nationwide listing of presenters and the Broni Mac Talks.

10 Quick links to help support your great staff

  1. Your Guide To Starting Out In Fitness. Useful information for all new staff.
  2. Leads and conversion sheets. Perfect for self employed personal trainers and group fitness instructors to help set targets and evaluate progress.
  3. Idea development workbook. Great for PTs and event organizers who are struggling to think of or follow through on ideas.
  4. Starter Guide – expenses template. Allows personal trainers to fill in their own figures to determine their business and personal expenses.
  5. Feedback Form for PT clients. A good resource for PTs to ensure they are performing well on all levels in their business from replying to emails, looking professional and training people successfully.
  6. Heart Foundation Guidelines and Resources.
  7. The Otago Exercise Programme the fall prevention guide and exercises for seniors.
  8. Workshops.  If you’d like a workshop organised for your workplace we can put you in contact with the right people.  Simply email info@catchfitness.co.nz or phone 0800 000 929.
  9. Facebook.  Some key links for your staff to like include Anatomy and Physiotherapy, Anatomy in Motion, Catch Fitness, REPs,
  10. 47 Tips for Personal Trainers